ALL Muster Parade Concert Lesson Song Rehearsal Jam Other
2017 Burn Hills Parade

6/8/17 on vvfdc
Long March, Minstrel Boy

2017 Hudson Parade

5/16/17 on vvfdc
Do It, Yankee Doodle

2011 Fourth of July Parade

7/3/11 on Rulisonhoney
Minstrel Boy, Road To Boston

2010 Westbrook Muster Parade

8/28/10 on 50mustard
Yankee Doodle

Pittsfield 4th of July Parade

7/4/09 on Joe Rivers
Battle Hymn, Do It

2005 Rensselaer Memorial Day Parade

5/29/05 on Maurice Calis
Grand Father's Clock