All Ranks Parade Jams B&E Ft. George
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Sae Braely As I Was Kissed Yestere'en  
Sae Braely As I Was Kissed Yestere'en (Canada)  
Sailors Hornpipe  
Saint Patrick's Day In The Morning  
Salt Lick  
Salt Pork  
Sandy McGregor's  
Sann An Ile  
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town  
Saunders Quickstep  
Scarlet/Stars Medley  
Scarlet Regiment  
Scotch Greys March  
Scotch Greys Medley  
Scotland The Brave  
Second Coldstream March  
Seeley Simpkins  
Sergeant O'Leary  
Seven Stars  
Seven Stars (VV)  
Sherman's March  
Shiley Me Gile  
Shipping Up To Boston  
Shipping Up To Dublin Medley  
Silent Night  
Single Drag Beat  
Sister's Jig  
Skirmish At Little Harbor  
Slow Chester  
Slow March 4/4  
Slow Troop 3/4  
Smith's Hornpipe  
Soldier's Joy  
Soldier's Joy (Old Guard)  
Soldier's Return  
Soldiers Of France  
Some Distance From Prussia  
Spider 6/8  
Squirrel Hunter's Quickstep  
Star Spangled Banner  
Stillman's Reel  
Stony Point  
Strassburg's Quickstep  
Street Beats  
Strube's 6/8  
Sturtze 2/4  
Successful Campaign  
Swallow's Tail  
Swede's Hall  
Swingin' Thru Medley  
Swingin' Thru The Revolution  
Swiss Guard's March  

                    53 songs/171 documents available