I had to get up very early, to get to the library at this time—and I just "wasn't feelin' it."  However, I had a feeling–not knowing what it could be–that doing so was, like, a really good thing, 'n stuff.

      I never imagined, I'd have the opportunity, to thank a director—for the movie he made, 'n stuff. Hardware.  "Hardware" affected me . . . pretty profoundly, and at a VERY dark time of me life—I went around, quoting Mo [the soldier], for something like 14 years. . . .

      And yet here he is—Richard Stanley, in the flesh.  Red Bull and cigarette in hand—I think that is how he lives his life, 'n stuff.

      When we were lining up for this pic, we bumped hipbones, together, actually pretty hard.  He looked at me like, What are you doing?  I looked at him like, Sorry.  Then he looked at me like, What-ever.

      Yes, that dashingly handsome dude on the left, above, is me.  This picture, just . . . blows my mind. . . .  This probably comprises, one of the high points (certainly one of the most amazing), of my entire life.

      Providence, has some truly remarkable "old style architecture."  Here is an amazing "golden hallway"—in the public library.

     Of note, there might be some security cameras, or something, around/in the above.  I got all but interrogated, by an employee of the museum, about what I had been doing, when I got back to the auditorium, for the next film, 'n stuff. (. . .)

      Lars didn't find this the least bit funny—but I found it HILARIOUS.  :) ;) This is Lars' actually room number:

      If you didn't catch the significance, check out:

      1408 (film)

      1408 (short story)

      ( :) :) ;) ;) )

      I never noticed this before, but—those curtains, look like chicks' butts, bent over and from behind, 'n stuff:

      (One can just see, both Lars and (my [younger] brother) Adam, in the above picture.)

      The incomparable Omni:

      I am *SOO* glad this picture survived.  (!!!!) One can see the reflection, of not only the clouds—but of the building across the street, as well (which sort of "morphs" into the original building).

      I believe this to be one of the best pictures I have every taken—and with a junk, dying camera, no less.  (. . .)

      This guy is out of control cool.  We meet with him, every two years.

      He's like, C.M. Eddy's grandson, or something.

       :) :)

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