This WAY cool bar we found.  How cool, is a bar, with a T-rex head?

      And one could . . . readily sense, the . . . "political climate," if one will. . . .

      OMG! That's Paul Tremblay!  I had NO IDEA, he was going to be here.  (!!!!)

      And here he is again—blurry, but that's him!!

      The Dude

      Amazingly, I got to talk to him, after the lecture.  I told him, I had only published one book (Technically two—but the second was only a PhD thesis.).  He told me, that this made me a writer.


      I really hope—this isn't . . . Blasphemous.  (As it's one of the coolest things, well . . . ever.  :) ;) ) Here is a "rock 'n roll Last Supper". . . .

      It is also an ;anomaly.  It is from/in the really cool bar (earlier in page, 'n stuff).  Now, if this is actually out of order (or, possibly, not)—is really hard to say.  As I mentioned . . . somewhere—I pulled all these pics, off of a dying phone.  And it didn't do anything useful, like consecutively NUMBER them.  So, I had a few tens of seconds, between hard crashes, to put these in order, so. . . .

      Maybe some genius, can pull a "time stamp"/location, off/out of the above. . . .  I dunno'.  Regardless, it's still wicked cool.

       :) :) :) :)

      Now, on something like the 17th floor, there is a viewing area, that offers absolutely amazing views. . . .

      Now this one didn't come out so well (at all)—but that is the Dude: Paul Tremblay

      And then . . . Wow:

      I had asked him, to write something about wishing me luck, in my future writing ?career?—but he was in a mode: And just whipped the above off.  Can't blame him ONE BIT.  Hal Jam. (. . .)

      ( :) :) ;) ;) )

      OMG! That's PETER STRAUB!!!!

      He walks with a cane, now (a very nice cane)—but he's (definitely) still in it.

      ( . . . )

      (Very) Early "email":

       :) ;)

      Some bar, we found.  I have NO IDEA, where this is—aside from "somewhere in Providence," that is.  ( . . . )

      And here, is the last photo, of the trip.  Rather anti-climactic, I think.  I was hoping for a "cool, halo-like flash-effect," around the Guinness logo.  That didn't work.  The photographer(i.e. me)'s reflection, came as a complete surprise. . . .