Wow. The fact that this page exists at all, is a little extraordinary.  I scrounged these off of a dying phone.  I can't remember—was this the one, that went beneath the level of the Chena [River, in Fairbanks]—and became the very first "customer," of the local Staples' "tech dry" service?  I honestly can't remember—which I find very strange.  Regardless. . . .

      I rescued these pictures, off of a dying phone (up for only a few tens of seconds at a time, and then a total crash)—off of a previously defunct, and archaic, payment plan. . . .

      I am SOO happy I did/was able to, though.  Enjoy!

       :) :) :) :)

      Day one of the 2017 Necronomicon.

      Day two of the 2017 Necronomicon.

      Day three of the 2017 Necronomicon.