Rosie Art :) :) :) :)


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      A day in the life of the Big Head:

      The famous Big Head Statues of Easter Island:

      And people build statues of her---from Easter Island to Egypt:

      :) :)

      It was previously believed that the ancient Egyptians worshiped CATS---however, the following two pictures reveal a NEW DISCOVERY, which sheds some light on the subject:

      I didn't include a "direct link" to this one, because, well---it's kinda' *BLASPHEMOUS*.  :( :( :( :( However, it is also *HYSTERICALLY* funny, 'n stuff.  :) ;) Birth of baby bubbles---click at your own risk.  :) :)

      Although Rosie and "Bubbles" normally got along, well. . . .

      :) ;)

      This following was originally intended to have Rosie's and Savannah's heads on the contestants---"Battle of the Big Heads."  :) :) However, the "perspective" (for lack of a better thing to call it) just didn't work---so it ended up being RoSie and "Bubbles."  :) :)

      Some artsy-fartsy ones:

      We (well, I) did, of course.  (!) :) ;)

      Protected by pokedudes:

      How far the original strain has fallen. . .

      :) :)