A bit of background about Rosie:

   Rosie is the bestest, cutest, most wonderful doggie in the whole, wide world.  Shown above is her on top of Murphy Dome in Interior Alaska.  Rosie RULES!! :)

Thanks go to Laura Stripp for the above banner.  :)

Classic Rosie

-The original Rosie page.

Rosie blog

-What's going on in Rosie's life.

The Rosie picture gallery.

   This is probably where I'll put all the really cool Rosie pics from now on.  (The page was just getting too work-intensive for a graduate student to maintain.  :P  :) )

Rosie Art.  :) :) :) :)

   These are actually quite funny.  :) :) They were sent to me over a period of years, by a one Laura Stripp.

Warning---mild language. . . .

Rosie Restricted.

-Here is a link to more information about Rosie.  This link is restricted.  I won't tell you what the password is (those of you who truly know me should be more than able to guess :) ), but the username is "beerfarts"--one word, all lower-case.  :)

   And here is a link to the "Rosie animation"---with poem! :) Although very interesting and amusing, please be forewarned that this link is a bit of a "resource hog." Don't let me scare you off the link, though---if you running Mac or Linux, you should be more than all right.  :) And here is another movie, in "MPEG format": movie.  If you got sound, be sure and turn it on.  :) :) And, if all worked correctly, is an "embedded movie" from "photobucket":


I LOVES Rosie.  :)