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(1)Fair and Aisy (2)Blue Ridge Quickstep (3)Go to the Devil & Shake Yourself - Haste to the Wedding - Charley Over the Water (4)Lonsdale (5)The Muffled Drum (6)United States March - Abraham's Daughter (7)Lady of the Lake - John Brown's Dream (8)Wearing of the Green - Paddy Caught a Rat - Guilderoy (quickstep) (9)Swiss Guards March (10)Bear Grass Waltz - Owl Creek (11)Paddy on the Handcar - Kingdom Coming (12)Bonaparte's March Over the Rhine - Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (13)Ancient and Honorable Artillery (14)House O' Duncan - St. Patrick's Day in the Morning (15)Old Piss - Charming Molly (16)Guilderoy (slow march) (17)The Peeler and the Goat - Chapultepec - The Gallant 69th (18)Shenandoah March - Twelfth Virginia (19)All Take Tea - Jefferson and Liberty (20)Prince Eugene's March - British Grenadiers (21)Hunstman Hornpipe - Off to Charleston


In 1996, the Fifes & Drums of the 26th NC Regiment recorded "Music On The March - Tunes of the American Civil War" featuring popular and favorite tunes, as well as some rare and obscure rediscovered music.


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