ALL Muster Parade Concert Lesson Song Rehearsal Jam Other
Rehearsing at Vicki's House vvfdc
8/17/20 Delmar, NY Village Volunteers VDC
0:32 HEF-ton Medley
3:09 North/South Medley
6:59 Washington's Artillery Quickstep
8:03 Dusky Night (fife solo)
9:15 2/4 6/8 Who's On First
12:24 H'll On The Wabash
13:58 Downfall Of Paris
16:42 San An Ile
19:57 Fisher's Hornpipe
20:46 Swingin' New Medley
23:57 York Fusiliers
25:40 Drums & Guns
North/South Medley 3:34
Kingdom Coming, Yellow Rose Of Texas, Rally Round The Flag, Battle Hymn
Washington's Artillery March
Dusky Night
H'll On The Wabash
Downfall Of Paris
Fisher's Hornpipe
York Fusiliers
Drums & Guns