Terms Of Service. Violate any of these terms, and you'll be tossed. Of course, this is completely and utterly at Ken's discretion. He doesn't have to be fair, he doesn't have to be reasonable. That said:

1. Don't anger Ken.

2. Don't publish anything on this server which could get Ken or his ISP sued.

3. Refrain from using this server in any way contradictory to Fife and Drum.

4. Do not denegrate another fife and drum corps, or a person from a fife and drum corps on a web page on this server or using a service provided by this server unless the statements are true.

5. Don't hog disk space. Be considerate of the other users.

6. Don't sell anything from your web pages unless explicitly approved by Ken

7. You shall not run any script, or attempt to gain elevated priviliges on this box, ever, unless Ken says you can. Malicious CGI programs or PHP programs will get you tossed immediately, no appeal.

8. SPAM is bad. Do not use this box for unsolicited commercial email.

9. You shall not give your account information to anyone without Ken's permission. Logging is on, and this stuff is tracked, so giving your password to someone else is obvious. If you need a different user ID and password so someone else in your corps can edit the web pages, let me know and I can provide one, don't just hand out yours.

10. This can and will change at will, and without notice even.

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