Thanks go to Laura Stripp for the above banner.  :)

And for another (LARGISH ~1MByte) animation by Laura Stripp, you can click here.  Please note that Laura's spelling is not . . . profound.  :)

The Pocket RHINO!!!!

This snow bank, looks like a RHINO!!

Spearmint RHINO!! Gentleman's Club:

:) :) :) :)

I got to pet some RHINOS!!!!

Information about White Rhinos

The "Virtual" Rhino Park

Dragon Ridge -- "Net-Refuge of the Rhino" -- (LOTS of Rhino links!)

The International Rhino Foundation -- (This one is cool... you can send web postcards to people with pictures of rhinos on them!

And here is a tribute to one of the GREATEST BOOKS _EVER_ WRITTEN!! Book.

And here is a very well done link about a remarkably cerebral play, "RHINOCEROS" by Eugéne Ionesco.  :) :)

And here is one of the GREATEST LINKS ever found!!

And perhaps here is the GREATEST LINK of ALL TIME!!

And here is a picture–taken by a one Janis Rowell–outside of Colon-ial Williamsburg.  

World RHINO Day (!!!!)

Rhinos RULE!!!!



The Mark Piedre RHINO!! pics!! (He took these when he was in Zimbabwe, 'n stuff.)

Yi! -It looks as if RHINOS!! leave a really big "pile," 'n stuff. :O :)