Hello one and all—and welcome to my page, on particularly gruesome puns.  I mean—it was only a matter of time, right?

       :p ;)

      I thought I'd start things off, with arguably the worst(/best (?)) pun, I have ever heard.

      In this weird sequence, in a 1979 film, "The Black Hole," a scientist (Dr. Hans Reinhardt), gets sucked into a black hole (I'm a space physicist—I call bollix.)—and somehow "merges," with his pet (killer) robot:

      Well, this scientist, is played by Maximilian Schell—and the robot was named "Maximililian"; so. . . .

      And the comment following, was just . . . priceless:

      Wow . . . just . . . wow.

2/22/2021 Monday

      This was the day after, I sent out an email—commemorating, the 19th "anniversary," of John Thaw's death.

      I received the following:

>How did you remember the dare? Did you receive a message from the other
>side in "Morse" code?

>Sorry about that one. Just had to share it!

      And on the same day. . . .

      I was (virtually) attending an LOI (Lodge of Instruction).  The guest speaker, was a woman, who ran a school for dyslexic schoolchildren.  She asked if there were any questions.  I raised my hand and. . . .

      What does an agnostic, dyslexic, insomniac do?

      She professed, not to know.

      It's someone who lies awake at night—and wonders if there's a dog.

2/23/2021 Tuesday

      When I went to pay my cable bill—I asked the lady behind the counter, "What do you call the medical condition—of a man with too many dogs?"

A Roverdose.

2/25/2021 Thursday

      Whilst speaking online, with my "autism handler," at Auticon, she asked me if I ate small meals, throughout the day.  I told her no, I was a bad boy—and had two huge ones.  One of them, was invariably a gigantic plate of pasta—which never failed to knock me out.  I call it. . . .

      Pasta la vista.

      Wow. I just realized—that's just one week, of my life. . . .  This could be a long, long road, indeed.

      (. . .)

3/20/2021 Saturday

      Wow. I found this "gem" in the local newspaper.