It's like, May 9th, 2020 Saturday—and I am having trouble, even imagining a world, not under siege, by the coronavirus.  Maybe you're reading this, now, in just such a world—and, if so, bully for you.  (!)

      But I wanted "you" to know—it wasn't all bad.

      Our present level of technology, allowed us to have a "virtual Deacons meeting."

      One wonders, how worse this all would be, without such technology. . . .

      So, after signing in, as "The Mighty Thor". . . .

      The incredibly handsome bloke, in the Godzilla mask, and "bobby on the beat" cap, is . . . well, me.

      And nor did the hijinks end there.  When Scott Rand, was saying how there was a nurse at every location, taking one's temperature, with an infrared laser gun, I quipped "Good thing it wasn't rectal."

      That cracked 'em up.   :) :)

      And I of course, brought up the social distancing compliant infant baptism. . . .

      (They suggested a similar solution, for Communion Sunday. . . .)

       :) :) ;) ;)

      And when they were droning on and on, about the endless preparations that needs be made—to avoid potential liability, and how we had to keep the bathroom "safe. . . .", I quipped in with: "This is WAY too litigious—at least for my tastes.  And I don't think we should have any passport control, to use the [loo].  Why, because when you're in there, why, you're-a-peein'."

      See—it's not all bad.

Keep 'er between the ditches, World.