I'm sure there are plenty of sites out there, with pics of the NEOWISE Comet.  However, I thought I'd show, what things were like, from Walworth, NY. . . .

      And if one is only interested in the "raw data," if you will—one can click, on the following links:

      ORIGINALS 7/17/2020 Friday

      ORIGINALS 7/18/2020 Saturday

7/17/2020 Friday

      My first shot of the comet—with an overexposed fence:

      Probably the (technically) best shot, of the evening:

      (Sorry about the wires—they're from a phone tower—and weren't visible in the screen image.)

7/18/2020 Saturday

      I like this one:

      And while the rest of the pictures looked fine on the screen, none of the remainder, were all that good:

      (Dr.) Poul Jensen, has warned me of this—"Until you have the image(s), downloaded and viewed on a computer screen, you never really know, what you have."

      You know, it's funny—normally, chasing astronomical events with my camera, would seem . . . pretty commonplace; however, with all this Covid-19 . . . stuff, going on, I found it really engaging, to put old skills to use.

       :) :)

      Oh, yeah—and I guess an "old mystery" was solved, by being in this place.  (This turned out, to be the location, of a memory I had—but couldn't remember, where it had occurred. . . .)  Several years ago, I remember working on my laptop, on a hill, in Western Upstate New York.  I had my Dad's phone, and his cousin–or some such (I can never keep his relations straight—which is kind of ironic, given. . . .)–and she asked me how I was doing.  I told her I was having trouble with my weight.  She–amazed at this–said, that I had always looked like a "beetle."  "A BEETLE?!" I responded.  Well—I knew what she meant: I was as thin, as a member of "The Beatles."  Did I mention, she hadn't seen me—in over twenty years??  (. . . .)

       :) ;)

      (And happily, I am nice 'n svelte, now.   :) :) )