This looks a wee bit chilly, 'n stuff.  :)

   Bambi go WHEEEE! :) This one is just too classic, 'n stuff.  -Apparently, it is totally for real:

   Service call of the month from a Baltimore Gas & Electric residential customer. . . .

   BGE received a call from a customer saying: "My power is out.  When you come to fix it be sure to bring a truck with a tall enough bucket to remove the deer."

   The customer service rep prudently trying to gather helpful information to help diagnose the problem asked, "What deer"?

   The customer replied "There is a deer on top of one of the electric poles on Wilkes Rd about 1/2 mile west of perimeter Rd."

   The customer service rep tried desperately to pull herself together and not laugh in front of the customer, and replied, "We will dispatch someone right away to investigate the power outage.  Thank you for the call".

   Upon completion of the call, the customer service rep proceeded to share the funny story with her coworkers in the office, and they all had a good laugh.

   Well, low and behold, the serviceman who repaired the problem stopped by the customer service office the following day with the attached pictures.

   Sure enough, the poor deer had been hit by a train and had landed on top of a distribution feeder pole!


   -Hey, one can always dream. . . .

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