For a while, now, I have wanted to put up a link to cool links on my page, 'n stuff.  And when I got an email on 9/7/04 Tuesday, asking why I didn't have a link on my page to the World Bog Snorkeling Competition in Wales, I realized that said link was far too long overdue.   :)

   Bog snorkeling:

        -Bog snorkeling

   Hmm. -I wonder if we can get a team from Fairbanks there, in '05? ;)

      For reasons I do not understand, I am positively FIXATED with this story: Body on a Moor.

      And this link as well: The Secret Trap Door Under The Canal.

      An abandoned . . . CASTLE (!!)

   This is perhaps THE funniest "geek link" I have ever encountered:

   (I just wish I had more "like minded people" to share it with, 'n stuff.

   :) :)

        Don't become a scientist!

      (I particularly "love" the line of: "I have known more people whose lives have been ruined by getting a Ph.D. in physics than by drugs.")

        "Don't become a scientist!" 15 years later

        MAYBE a site like this can help you: student debt resources.

        (But I doubt it.)

        Subura 2010 Maintenance Schedules

        Ten Lepers

        Perhaps the best link on understanding irrational decisions and behaviour I have *EVER* seen!!

        (Please don't look too closely at the grammar, though.  :P ;) )

        This is, perhaps, the funniest thing, I have EVER seen:

        John Cleese, subliminal advertising

        (And it took my YEARS to hunt down.  (!))

        I laughed so hard—I almost injured myself:

        Washing machine—total carnage!!

        Another funny:

        Programmer One-Liners

      I can't make this stuff up:

      PhD Scholar Identifies As Hippopotamus, Gets Published In Peer-Reviewed Journal

      In "Are You Being Served?" (My all-time favourite show, by the way.), in the episode "It Pays to Advertise," they mention "Spike Milligan jumping through the bottom of a boat."  I don't even want to tell you, how long I have been searching for this. . . .

Spike Milligan jumping through the bottom of a boat

      The filming of the commercial, was interesting, too.  One can read a bit about that here.

      My Anglophilia, knows no bounds.

      Okay. And here is what the Internet is FOR:

Dancin' Dino

      This might well be the best thread well, ever.


      Except for the OCCASIONAL glitch, it plays just like the original:

       :) :) :) :)

      An extraordinary near miss tornado video.  (!!)

      Incredible tornado vid

      And be sure and read the comments.  (!)

      "Legend has it. . . ."

       :) ;)

      Beautiful Tornado.

      THIS is the one you are searching for.  (!) Close up of an F-5 tornado. (!!!!)

      These people are CRAZY.  (!!)

      This is an absolutely STUNNING film: Pursuit.

      This is an absolutely amazing link—and for SOO many reasons. . . .


      I just . . . can't stop laughing about his: link.

      Better one:

      Windmill destructed in storm

      That's one Spoiled Brat!!

       :) ;)

      (2/23/19 Saturday) Christine!!

      This SUCH an incredible link: Ken Marshall KRULL holds The Glaive after 30 Years!!!—however, I'm afraid there aren't many left out there, that are going to [be able to] appreciate it.  Be absolutely sure to read the read the entire comment by Anton Posa.

       :) :)

      Catastrophic engine failure

      3/30/19 Sunday So—what did you do today? Exploring abandoned mine, by BOAT!!

      AMAZING link: HP[Lovecraft]_Podcast. I like, know this Dude, 'n stuff.  (!!)

      ROAD TRIP!

      7/20/19 Saturday

      Since I was a small child, I had this sort . . . special reverence, for something I called "jewel bugs."  On this day, I was to learn, that they are "tiger beetles": Exploring the Abandoned ruins of Bear Gap.

      The Wandering Woodsman *RuLz*!!

:) :) :) :)

      RahXePhon Explained. . . .

      I can't stop watching this one.  It is HILARIOUS.  (!!)

Guy Pours Gasoline Into An Ant Hole. . . .

      And here is a (somewhat lengthy) but absolutely exceptional, link, about the legality of Flipping Off Cops.

      Incredibly low-key, remarkably fascinating short movie: Dust's Zari.

      It took me over six months, to watch this (with multiple tries, and (reasonably) steadfast resolution).  (Finally, on Thanksgiving, 2019—just forced myself to.  (. . . .)) Imagine that it will linger in my mind, FAR longer than that. . . .

      For reasons I do NOT understand, this seem to be becoming harder and hard to find.  Thus, I decided to put it here: The Cricket.

      It took me a distressing long time, to find this: Pippa Passes.  (Search for "Neon".  (. . .))

      (This, despite that it's on my favorite computer bag.  (. . .))

      ( :) ;) )

      Worst case of crabs I've ever seen!

       :) :) :) :)

      The best version of Canon in D, I have ever heard: Canon in D by Pachelbel - a moving Japanese commercial.

      Arnold Schwarzenegger: WOW.

      You guys have GOT to see this: Doctor Who – Take On Me.

      An AMAZING speech, by the greatest living director (8/11/2020 Tuesday) :link.

      Wow—this one, goes Way back. . . .  My former boss, coolest dude—amazing life stories, one time stopped in a "Beatnik Bar," after some stint in the service (This was in the fifties, I believe. . . .).  There, he heard–and has never forgotten:

A rhinoceros is an ungainly beast.
To no one's eyes, is he a feast.
So amble on, silly rhinoceros—
I'll look at something, less preposterous.

      Well, about a billion years later, I found, from Ogden Nash's poetic style:

Farewell, farewell, you old rhinoceros,
I'll stare at something less prepoceros (sic)


   A Songfacts link—about one of the coolest pieces of music . . . well, ever.

   Blade Runner | Alive—I didn't want this link, to get away. . . .

   Holy flaming zamboni, Batman!

   I've found this fascinating, since I first learned about it: Brinicle, "Finger of Death".

Uncle Red is modding a 1990 Honda Civic. I just LOVE the line, about "trade policies. . . ." :) :) ;) ;)

   This will either speak to you, or it won't: Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991)-We Will Rock You-Queen—but if it does, 't'will absolutely resonate.

    :) ;)

   I just can't stop laughing: S&W 500 Magnum Vs. Swimming Pool.

    :) :) ;) ;)

   I found this FASCINATING: Orson Welles on Hemingway.

      HOLY SH**!!


      Lord help me, I can't quit watching this: David Lynch on sex, and the battle between reason and desire.

      (Of note, I can and have, driven the same car—for over 25 years. . . .

      ( :) ;) )

   This is perhaps one of the most touching things I have ever seen: Scotty.

   In one's "Trekker Journey"—one can forget, what class acts, these guys were. . . .

      Saw this one before—then couldn't find it again, for a LONG time. . . .

Most Beautiful Tornado Ever

   Wow: M*A*S*H Memories: A Thankful Vet

   I watch these, pretty much everyday; however, this one is special: David Lynch's Weather Report 10/16/21.

    :) :) :) :)

   Why couldn't the rest of the world be like this? Leave it to Vermont.

   This seems to be getting harder and harder to find. . . . ASMR back scratch.

      If David Lynch, were a warp engine on overload: It's a Friday Once Again! (2021).

      Another one: David Lynch's Weather Report 2/18/22.

       :) ;)

      I just saw something—truly special:

David Lynch's Weather Report 2/25/22

Online Writing Course from Alan Moore

      Hmmmm. . . .


Everything that in wrong with modern, American cineman—and told better, than I ever could.

David Lynch's Weather Report 8/27/22 "Everyone is welcome. . . ."

   This one is special: Andover tornado April 29, 2022.