This is my links page for mine fires.

    Most pages just give you a bunch of links--and it's up to you to visit _all_ of them--just to be sure you found the one(s) you wanted to see.

    To avoid this, I have tried to put a short description for each of the links on my page.

Links for Centralia:

This is the official Centralia site.  You can go and get your coffee (and drink it, too) while it is loading.

This is the links page for the above site.  I added this as a separate links as the official site take soo loooonng to load, 'n stuff.

This is a cool site.  It lists Centralia as an "offbeat tourist attraction.  Incidentally, it shows a spot that I have never been able to find. . . .

I like this site.  It shows "modern ruins," of which Centralia is listed as one of.  The other sites from the main page are really cool, as well.

For its technically prowess, this is the best site you are going to find on the 'Net.  It also annoys me that these peeps are takin' _better_ pictures than I am, 'n stuff.  (WARNING: This site is a real "memory pig." It can actually crash some system software if you don't have enough memory, 'n stuff. It rules, though, if you _can_ load it.  :)

A pure text site remembering Centralia before the fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Um, heh-heh. -Sorry about that.) Pretty cool.

A very good scientific study about Centralia.  -Not my field, but seems to be a completely valid paper.

And here is an article on Centralia--this one with a GREAT line.  :)

This is a great site.  It really catches the "mood" of Centralia.

Placetaste -A great site--you can actually _see_ "the burn." (Best article on Centralia I have ever read. -'Cept'n of course the one *I* have written.  :)

Tom Gryn's site.  Good pics.

Another site with good pics--and odd humor.

A suberb site.

Another Centralia link less easy to find. (Warning: _don't_ click on "the pictures of me." -Don't say I didn't warn you. . . .)

And here is another link, made by a professional photographer.  He contacted me because of my interest in minefires.  I think he has done a REALLY good job of capturing the "mood" of Centralia.

Links for other fires in Pennsylvania:

Although not specifically dedicated to minefires, this site *ROCKS*!! -As I told someone from the site who contacted me in an email--this is what I would have _wanted_ to do with my youth! :)

Article on other fires in Pennsylvania.

Another article--this one on mine fires in the southwest portion of Pennsylvania.

Links for other fires:

The one in China.

And here is a link, only recently discovered, with some of the very BEST pictures of minefires I have ever seen.  It also has some very good info.

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