I was wondering if any of you ever wondered just what a party of physics grad students was like.  :) Well, wonder no more! :)

      The first batch of pictures was taken at a party out at Ryan's cabin.  Ryan is WAY COOL.  He is now "Dr. Ryan." Ryan rules.  :)

      Love that pipe!

      -And who says grad students don't know how to party! -Just look at all the booze! :)

      I'm a dog!!

      Shown above is the most bodacious Ro-Sie.  :)

      An amusing closeup of the photographer.  (She's like, not a physics grad student, 'n stuff.)

      And here is a picture of some physics grad(uate) students---future Nobel laureates all:

      This next batch of pictures was taken at Ryan's "doctoral party"---at Dr. Newman's house.  Both Dr. Newman and Ryan are WAY cool.  :)

      We started playing a game of croquet.  It's wasn't exactly played by "the Queen's rules." Shown here are Ryan and the most bodacious Heather Parsons--having a "sword fight" with their mallets.

      It continued as an actual game, for a surprisingly long time---then it sort of degenerated into a free-for-all, with everyone hitting each other's balls:

      The match then degenerated further--into "full contact croquet":

      This next batch of pictures was taken at sort of "get to know the new grad students" party, at Robert and Mary Parson's house.  Robert and Mary are both WAY COOL.  :)

      Just waiting for the kitty to come down. . . .  Ro-Sie! :) :)

      Shown from left to right are: Seth (like, a physics graduate dude, 'n stuff), the most bodacious Heather Parsons, and Seth's stepdaughter.  They're all, like, way-cool, 'n stuff.  Both Heather's expression and gesture(s) seem to reflect to general mood of the party itself.  :)

      The following group of pictures were taken at Ryan's "Good buy party"---where he was like, selling some of his stuff before he took off for New Zealand (of all places).  "Good buy party"---get it? :)

      A REALLY thick door---for them (sic) Alaskan winters:

      And here was a fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Um, heh-heh. -Sorry about that.  :) ) that I built:

      Fire RULES.

      The following pic was taken at Justin and Safia's cabin.  Justin and Safia are like, really cool, 'n stuff; they're married now.

      Just waiting for the kitty to come down. . . .

      I didn't know that Justin (and his neighbor) both had cats.  Had I known, I wouldn't have brought her.  (For more information on just why, see the restricted link.  (The username in "beerfarts"--case specific.  :) ) -Ro-Sie! :)