Whilst like, laid off, 'n stuff, I found myself presented with . . . a TRULY ASTONISHING "email load" (over 2,000 emails) (!!).  In all that all, there was a great deal—of really funny stuff, 'n stuff.

      Well—rather than plug up everyone's inboxes, with said–either singly, or in "lump sum"–I decided to, like, make this(/these) link(s), 'n stuff—and just mail out the "main link," 'n stuff.  –Sort of "take it or leave it," or something.

      Finally—an exercise routine, that works for ME!

      Look's like there's a party in aisle 15


      It's hard to tell, what's even going on here. . . .


      You guys HAVE to see this one: Bunny thinks he's a herding dog (and not a bad one, at that).

      :) ;)

      And be sure and take the Rude British Place Name Quiz.

      :) ;)

      He wants his Mummy

      (Strange "job perk," in-deed. . . .)

      :p :P

      (And the comments at the bottom—PRICELESS (!!))

      :) ;)

      Nerd Joke of the Day:

      I would tell you how cetaceans evolved from land mammals, but that would DEFEET THE PORPOISE.

      :p ;)

      Meanwhile, in Canada. . . .

      The French?! The FRENCH??!!

      I mean, TONGUE-length, I might'a' believed. . . .

      (Sorry Michael and Lars.)

      :) ;)

      This CAN'T be good. . . .

      So true. So true. . . .

      It's honestly hard to know how to react—to the following picture. . . .

      It's good to have friends:

Picture Credit for above: www.dailymail.co.uk      

      Eh. –Close enough for government work:

      :) ;)

      I'm afraid I'm going to have to "Take the Fifth," on this one. . . .

      :) ;)

      I can't make this stuff up. One of the FBI's most wanted cyber criminals is . . . none other than. . . .

Wang Dong.

Wang Dong somehow penetrated our nation's cyber security and will soon be
doing hard time in America's penal system. We need to see him hang.