These are like, assorted cool pictures, 'n stuff. -I'm sorry that they are not terribly well organized. :(

This is a picture of Joey - Dued. What can one say? -Joey - Dued is really cool. :)

This is a picture of Joey - Dued and I on the northern shore of Canadaigua Lake. -I honestly can't remember why we were there. I think it was somebody's b-day. I am not sure who's; the Barlow clan is quite large. -Better than mortal woman deserves, eh?

This is a picture of myself and some of the students that I teach in the local fife and drum corps. -Go ahead and comment about the difference in size - everyone else does. :)

And here is a picture that Joey - Dude and Ryan "put together." (It was his birthday party on the northern shore of Canadaigua Lake, BTW.  (above))Hmmmm. -Not a very good likeness. . . .

I actually got _credit_ for drawing this one when I was taking a Basic Information Technology Something-or-other (B.I.T.S.) course at the Royal Holloway University of London.

Can anyone tell what I am doing in this picture? I honestly can't remember--which is unusual. I know that I am @ the "Pilot Plant" in Canandaigua. . . .

This is *NOT* a joke--or at least, not in the traditional sense. :) This is an _actual_ _ad_ from the 1984 BEST catalog.

Of note, I hung on to this picture all these years, knowing that in the future there would be a more durable method of handling/saving picture-type data. When I started, scanning in pictures and saving them in binary format wasn't even a reality yet. Even armed with such (fore)knowledge, I still managed to buy the wrong stock. :P