One of the few great things left of the United States of America---is that we still (ostensibly) have freedom of speech and expression.  (Dwelling in academia, though---one QUICKLY learns . . . that "under-represented minorities" must remain--and at ALL TIMES--"objects of holy, abject reverence."  Questioning this in any way, in not allowed. . . .  :P :P :P :P )

      That is what this page is all about.  What I see, makes me want to tell--nay, SCREAM to the hoi polloi what I can't help but see going on.  I imagine there are more than a few such pages out there---what with the technically-minded "blue-staters" being the ones "leading the fight."

      I supposed what bothers me the most---is the dissolution of everything that made America great: our FREEDOMS.  That, and the fact that--by all outward appearances--our "leader" is . . . quite a bit of a moron:

      (Yes---that's the pope.  :P :)

      How America has fallen.  In the seventies--except for the music (in general, that is---there were some REAL GEMS (!!) "Beach baby, beach baby, give me you hand. . . ." :) :) )--this was the BEST country on Earth, bar none.  Now the "best" we can do . . . is this moron?!

How America has fallen.

      Speaking of falling, let's take a look at the "Patriot Act."

      So . . . let me get this straight---if one commits a crime--ANY crime (Say, for instance I decide to walk directly across the street from "The Pub" in my hometown, to Sorrentos, across the way.  This is know as "jaywalking."  :P )--then one's government (totally at THEIR discretion) can arrest you, try you in a "court," find you guilty, torture you, remove your citzenship, and KILL you---all without legal representation, or informing anyone, like, say, your FAMILY.  -Don't believe that?  -Go back, and read it again.

      Congratulations. You have just given the government the legal right to execute a full-blown Holocaust:

      Even during the peak of the Holocaust, the Nazis did not have the legal right to do . . . what was done.  (True--it was illegal to kiss a Jew; however. . . .)  One might say that the codification of the Patriot Act into law will be--if history survives--as damning an act as when the Nazis Party seized power during the Putch.  One might say that everything Western society was fighting for (Oliver Cromwell outlawed the use of torture as a means of extracting information . . . over 400 years ago.) . . . was arguably gone in one fell swoop.

      This raises the question (in my mind, anyway) of . . . what happened to New York City's homeless population.  Something like 120-250 THOUSAND people disappeared, and overnight.  When I asked [about this], I was given quite a few theories.  One was that they were sent to all those camps around New York State.  (These are actually reasonably nice camps; they send peeps like poor people with AIDS, and Cuban refugees there.  ~:) ) I was there at those camps in Upstate New York (I guess I should specify---I was at least in the [Wayne County] area.  :) ;) )---there wasn't even a "blip."  Another theory was that they "all moved out to Jersey, and became 'mountain men.'"  -120-250,000 mountain men??!!!! A dude in Ohio--whose knowledge and opinions on "meatspace" I honor (far, truth be told :P :) ) more than I do my own--said, "They just made the problem illegal---and it went away."

      Lord in Heaven help me, I hope I'm wrong. . . .

      Now sit down and ask yourself---is the concept of death squads cleaning up this country's "bungled and the botched" really all that far off of the scope of . . . the present "political climate?"

      Like I said, I hope to God I'm wrong. . . .

      After everything else, it wouldn't surprise me:

      The above is an unaltered picture, that was taken in Findland.

      Well, I hope you've enjoyed our little sojourn through the world of the Johnster's rabid political rantings.  :) -I had to get special permission from the webmaster to post this one.

      ;) ;)