Here are some "auroral anecdotes" ( :) :) ) that compliment my Seventh Aurora Picture Gallery.  :) :) Here you will find a play-by-play of each night that I was actually able to take some pics of the aurora.  The aurora RULES!! :) :)

      10/6/10 Thursday

      As I was taking Mr. Bubbles O-U-T ( :) ;) ), I looked up.  Wow. Cool—aurora.

      I wasn't expecting that.

      Mr. B and I walked up to the top of the mountain (We're both getting to be old men—so the fact that we still can is, at least to me, something of which to be proud.).  (If you suspect that I was working "overly hard"–just to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition—you may well be right.  :) ;) )

      :) ;)

      When we came back down, I thought—I might be able to take some pics of this.  So, I set up—and was able to get some pretty good pics.  :) –Enjoy!

      :) :)