Death Monger:

      Death Monger. Wow. Death Monger, ended up eating something like a chameleon, and 'morphed into a baby yellow dragon.  (!)

That's one wicked pet:

Death Monger eats a cockatrice corpse.

Death Monger bites the priestess of Moloch.
The priestess of Moloch is killed!
The massive hammer hits! Lightning strikes the Grey-elf!
You hit the Grey-elf! The Grey-elf swings his elven broadsword.
The Grey-elf misses! Death Monger eats a priest corpse.


      At some point, Death Monger grew up into a full-sized dragon (!), and managed to get saddled.  I entered Gehennom, as a Valkyrie, brandishing Mjollnir, and flying in, on a yellow dragon.  (!)

      (I had an amazing picture in my head, of that.)

      :) :)

      Then, at one point, I "magic whistled" in Death Monger—so as, to eat a doppelganger corpse.  Now, I *KNEW* this would cause Death Monger to 'morph (again)—yet for some reason, I did it anyway. . . .

      Well, Death Monger 'morphed into a vrock.  As a vrock, I had to be *VERY* careful, NOT to do anything that would cause a loss of tameness.  Well, Death Monger, ended up killing a unicorn, equiping a unicorn horn—and then applying it, at one point.  The vision, of something that started out, as a yapping, bouncing little dog—becoming a major demon, with the insight to apply a unicorn horn, was something to behold.

      Well, finally, backing up down the hall out of the treasure room, in the second story of the Wizard's Tower, I had a "sad feeling for a moment."  As near as I can tell, a black dragon, that I was backing off from, breathed, missed me, and. . . .

      The only thing is . . . I KNEW that might happen. . . .  Stephen King, writes–exquisitely–about the self-destructiveness, inherent in children/dreamers ([writing] on the author of "Blaine. . . .").  I think–on some level–at that point, I was feeling the same. . . .

Fart Fodder the Tranquil:

      Fart Fodder, got 'morphed into something like a fire elemental.  Fart Fodder kicked MUCHO buttocks, 'fore running into a fire giant, who was distinctly NOT impressed:

The fire giant hits Fart Fodder the Tranquil.
The fire giant's short sword is not affected.
Fart Fodder the Tranquil is killed!

[This was on the] (Castle level)


      Revenge was. . . wow. I had just had a high-level character, get positively BLITZED, by a minotaur; I was soo mad.  Well, I started up another character (eventually)—and named my pet "REVENGE."

      Well, Revenge ended up getting turned into a rock piercer.  Not having a magic whistle (at the time), I kept leaving the level, coming back to feed Revenge, leaving the level. . . .  Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

      Well, eventually I must've been gone too long.  Revenge, had gone from "tame," to "peaceful."  I kept throwing a tripe ration–hoping for the best–until Revenge ended up being "hostile."

      So, I left him alone for a while.  Revenge spent a LONNNNGG time, as a rock piercer.  Eventually, I was able to tame him again—and get him changed into something more suitable, like a fire elemental (Strangely enough, I honestly can't remember. . . .).  Then, we started our way up, to the Astral Plane.  (I had tried this once before, with Schroedinger's Cat; things went pretty well—until a stray thunderbolt, on the Elemental Plane of Air. . . .)

      Things went surprisingly well—only once, on the Elemental Plane of Fire, after confusing myself and reading a scroll of gold detection, I ended up (inadvertently) whacking him.  (I was levitating at the time—so this was not as DANGEROUS (suicidal?) as it sounds. . . .)

      Then, we progressed to–and completed, together–the Astral Plane.

****This was–and so far remains–the ONLY time I was able, to finish the game, with my original pet.  (!!!!)****

:) :) :) :)

Fartsucker the Ravenous:

Fartsucker the Ravenous eats a chameleon corpse.
Fartsucker the Ravenous turns into a silver dragon!

Interesting, I wonder. . . .

The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous eats a disenchanter corpse.

. . . That is, I wonder if Fartsucker, lost some "sense," in doing that. . . .

Now THAT was lucky. . . .

You see a strange vibration beneath the invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous' rear

TOTALLY unexpectedly, when we level 'ported, down to the bottom of Gehennom, Fartsucker was flying directly over the "vibrating square."  Now THAT was lucky!

:) :)

The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous bites the vampire lord.
The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous hits the vampire lord.
The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous hits the vampire lord.
The vampire lord hits the invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous.
The vampire lord bites the invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous.
The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous suddenly seems weaker!

I wonder if that's permanent. . . .

The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous eats a housecat corpse named
Schroedinger's Cat.--More--

Not judging, not judging. . . .

:) ;)

(In fact, I took a sort . . . perverse pleasure, in having Fartsucker, eat dragon, after dragon, after dragon. . . .)

I think there's just something wrong with a person—who gets a weird sort of kick, out of having their pet, engage in cannibalism. . . .

Mov-ing right along. . . . ( :) ;) )

I ended up having to zap Fartsucker, with a wand of speed monster, twice—to get him back up to "fast," after "Ghost Town. . . ."

The shade touches the invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous.
The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous is frozen by the shade.
The shade touches the invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous.
The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous slows down.

Now this is a collector's item. . . .

The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous is splashed by its acid!
The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous picks up an uncursed small glob of black

No. No, it isn't.  I misinterpreted the above [messages].  All this was, was Fartsucker getting splashed (in combat)—and THEN picking up the (acidic) corpse.  This is something, completely "tame"; in fact, I probably should have removed it, from this page. . . .

Now that's one spoiled pet: (!)

The invisible Fartsucker the Ravenous eats the Wizard of Yendor's corpse.

On level 3. . . .

You have a sad feeling for a moment, then it passes.--More--

This was to foreshadow, something further [along]. . . .  Something like 5 turns, after reaching the Astral Plane, my bad-butt Valkyrie, was DEAD.  I know it was an angel that killed me—but I don't have any idea, why, or how (Something like -27 AC, chock full of resistances. . . .).  Regardless . . . without warning, or expectation, Fartsucker–on the way up to ascension–was suddenly, inexplicably . . . gone.

I went to investigate (Fartsucker was (well) out of sight.).  I found some nasty (Strangely enough, I can't remember what it was. . . .)—and thought, well, I guess this one, somehow. . . .  But then I took down a Nazgul, and it was carrying silver dragon scales.  So, I wonder. . . .

I guess I'll never know.