The wight supremacist purrs.
The gnome laureate picks up a scroll.

Oh dear:

The pit viper falls into a pit! How pitiful. Isn't that the pits?

Similarly. . . .

The pit fiend falls into a pit! How pitiful. Isn't that the pits?

You read: "Every survival kit should include a sense of humor".
You read: "Courage is looking at your setbacks with serenity".
You read: No level contains two shops. The maze is no level. So...

Some interesting messages. . . .

The purple worm sinks as water rushes in and flushes you out.
The winter wolf seems lethargic.
The hill orc stops momentarily and appears to cringe.
The immobile bugbear seems to flinch.
The immobile blue jelly seems to flinch.

  How often do you see. . . .

The frost giant picks up a statue of a Green-elf.

Your eyes momentarily itch.


(I was later to discover---this means on has regained one's sight, whilst blindfolded.)

You kill the iguana! KABOOM!! You see a door explode.

You see a jackal drop out of your pack!

You hear snoring snakes. A cloud of gas puts you to sleep!
You dream that you hear some noises.
**** ******* [pet] grows up into a large dog.
You dream that you hear crashing rock. You wake up.

This arrow is delicious!  Your rear limb feels better.  (I was a xorn—just think about that for a minute. . . .)

The rothe eats a rothe corpse.

There are several objects here.  The earth elemental falls into a pit!

(Now just think about that one for a minute, and indeed, next round, he just walked out of. . . .)

INCREDIBLY rare. . . .

A trigger appears in a pile of soil below the yellow light.

Never quite been able, to figure this one out. . . .

You hear a faint sloshing sound.

A trap door opens up under you!  You don't fall in.

(I was very low in Gehennom. . . .)

The statue shatters.  A door appears in the wall!

KABOOM!! You see a door explode.


You hit the dust vortex!  The dust vortex misses!
The dust vortex engulfs you!
You can't see in here!  You break out of the piranha's stomach!
Brrooaa...  You land hard at some distance.

(Apparently, a chameleon. . . .)

The invisible black light explodes!
You are caught in a blast of kaleidoscopic light!
You are freaked out.  The invisible cave spider explodes!
You seem unaffected.

This is new. . . .

The purple worm engulfs you!
The purple worm digests you!
What do you want to use or apply? [ce-iklopvABEFMSTY or ?*]
You have a little trouble removing W - a cockatrice corpse.
The purple worm digests you!
What do you want to wield? [- aelsD or ?*]
W - a cockatrice corpse (weapon in hand).
The purple worm digests you!
You begin bashing monsters with your cockatrice corpse.
You hit the purple worm with the cockatrice corpse.
You jump through an opening in the new statue of a purple worm.

And no matter how many times I read the following—I can't help, but find it HILARIOUS: (!!)

"Grave times have befallen the college, for the Minion of Huhetotl has
stolen the Orb of Detection.  Without it, the board of directors of
the university will soon have no choice but to revoke our research grants.

"You must locate the entrance to the Tomb of the Toltec Kings.  Within it,
you will find the Minion of Huhetotl.

"You must then defeat the Minion of Huhetotl and return the Orb of Detection
to me.

"Only in this way will we be able to prevent the budget cuts that could
close this college.

"May the wisdom of Quetzalcoatl be your guide."

:) :) ;) ;)

This is a collector's item:

Juiblex suddenly appears!  Juiblex drinks a potion of gain level!
Juiblex rises up, through the ceiling!

You spiral up into the steam vortex.

The massive hammer hits! Lightning strikes the invisible lich!
The invisible lich's ring of increase damage turns to dust and vanishes!

:( :( :( :(

You kill the voluptuous ampersand!

6/20/17 Tuesday:

The fire giant snatches the boulder.

6/22/17 Thursday:

The Mordor orc drinks a potion of polymorph!

The Mordor orc suddenly mutates!

The gelatinous cube breaks out of its armor!

6/26/17 Monday

  Um, wow. . . .

There is a floating eye corpse here; eat it? [ynq] (n)
This floating eye corpse tastes terrible!  You feel strong!
You must have been exercising diligently.  You feel wise!
You must have been very observant.  You feel tough!
You must have been leading a healthy life-style.
You finish eating the floating eye corpse.
You feel a strange mental acuity.

(Oh, and the floating eye took me to level 7. . . .)

7/4/17 Tuesday

KAABLAMM!!! You triggered a land mine! You fall into a pit!
How pitiful. Isn't that the pits?

(I was polymorphed into a pit fiend, at the time.)

(also) 7/4/17 Tuesday. . . .

You can't get there from here... (Polymorphed into a grid bug. . . .)

7/30/17 Sunday

Agent Cooper is killed!  The sewer rat grows up into a giant rat.

                      /          \
                     /    REST    \
                    /      IN      \
                   /     PEACE      \
                  /                  \
                  | trailerparkvixn  |
                  |       0 Au       |
                  |   petrified by   |
                  |  losing gloves   |
                  | while wielding a |
                  |    cockatrice    |
                  |       2017       |
                 *|     *  *  *      | *

(Sorry—but I used "pre".  There was NO WAY, I was going to correct all that formatting, by hand, in html. . . .)

The above happened on 12/11/17 Monday.  Never ONCE–in 25 YEARS of playing–did I ever have trouble, hitting a monster, with a cockatrice corpse.  Well, this time, I swung back and forth—something like fourteen times–at two different flavours of lich—worrying all the time, they were going to "finger of death" me.

Instead, they decided to disintegrate me' gloves.

What naff.

The water nymph picks up a mountain nymph corpse.

Now this is TRULY a "collector's item":

Death rises from the dead!
Famine rises from the dead!  Famine vanishes.

(There was not enough room—I had "magic whistled" in like 17 purple worms. . . .)

TOTALLY unplanned. . . .

What do you want to zap? [ALPS or ?*]

You are almost hit by a sapphire.

Just interesting, I suppose. . . .

The rust monster eats through the iron bars.
The rust monster eats through the iron bars.

Collector's item:

The statue shatters.  KABOOM!!  You see a door explode.

I'd been going to this site, for YEARS.  I just found out:

Identifying stuff:

Sokoban: (!!)

I don't want to sound anywhere near as old, or nearly as obsessed as I am about this game, as I am—but I have been looking for these, for something on the order of 30 YEARS:

(I'm actually impressed—that I like, knew some of these places already, 'n stuff. . . .)