On 12/1/08 Monday, I won zangband 2.7.5pre  ("pre" for "preview").  :) :) :) :) I don't even know if anyone else has ever even won 2.7.5pre.  (If they have, I haven't heard about it.)

      Her name (Snow. . . .) was chosen because I started her on the day of the first snowfall in Fairbanks, Alaska.  (Sorry, I didn't write down/record that date.  (. . .))

      I suppose I should say something in the way of "news" ['bout winnin' the game, 'n stuff].  :) ;) I FINALLY had a character that was able to take out "Azathoth, Seething Nuclear Chaos"---however, for so great a feat, it--apparently--wasn't all that memorable, as I can't even remember it.  (??!!)

      Sometimes, the game will really hold out on you---on one of the "higher books."  (Oddly enough, sometimes it will practically throw them at you.  (??)) This game was no exception; it just WOULDN'T give me the friggin' necronomicon.  (!!) FINALLY, I took out "Yog-Sothoth, the All-in-One" (with multiple staffs of power), and HE happened to be carrying a spare copy.  :) ;)

      I felt a little guilty 'bout takin' out "Godzilla"---even thought he was *NASTY*.  For the first time ever, I ran into "a Plain Gold Ring."  That was--probably--the baddest monster of all time---I had to "range" him with staffs of power [to be able to take him out, 'n stuff], after getting through "Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst," as a "warm-up."  :P :P

      I had tangled with "Oberon, King of Amber," before.  However, without the necronomicon, I just couldn't take him down.  (I just couldn't do enough damage---and that darn-fangled "summons lords of Amber."  :P :P) I had him knocked down pretty low once, but. . . .

      Well, once I got the necronomicon, things were . . . pretty much anticlimactic.  :p I took out "Oberon, King of Amber" without too much trouble (only took a round of being hit by a "fallen angel" (Lost experience points, too. :P :p ))---and "The Serpent of Chaos" was down before my first "wraithform" spell even expired.

      Well, here is a "character dump":


      After winning, this time---I just wasn't ready to quit.  There was a "quest," that I wanted to finish. . . .

      It took a while find the dungeon (It was well "hidden."  (. . .))---but not a long time to get to the bottom, 'n stuff.  (Things are a *LOT* easier, the "second time around."  :) ;) )

      I don't know what this file was/is---but it somehow got generated, when--or very soon after--I finished the aforementioned quest, 'n stuff.

      And here it is: Snow_retires.txt.

      An "era" ends.  (. . .)

      Well, I hope you enjoyed this little link.  -Myself, I'm just as glad that this is OVER. . . .  :p ;)