On Thursday, 2/16/06, I was able to breach the "Programmer's Room" on Atari's "Adventure II":

      The above two were the best out of 23 shots.  (!!) -High (and expensive!) technology, to create such crappy results---friggin' rasters!! :P :)

      Of note, Adventure II's "Programmer's Room" was only theoretical (at least for me ;) )--2 & 1/2 days (or was is . . . weeks?? -No. I think it was days.  (. . .)) earlier.  (!!!!) (That means I cracked the entire "universe," found the "Easter Egg," etc.--in only that short amount of time.  (!!!!))

      The "Programmer's Room," in Atari's "Adventure" was the very first of its kind.  Here is Wikipedia's entry on the first "Adventure." (The duck is going to EAT you.  :) :) ) Back in the early eighties (-or was it "late seventies". . . . (??)), I discovered the "Easter Egg," and "The Programmer's Room"---all without any prior knowledge of them, 'n stuff.  Mike Rice--the first candidate to be sent to the Air Force Academy from central Pennsylvania, 'n stuff--said, "This is what happens when you lend these ?games/things? (It's been a LONG time, 'n stuff.  :) :P (. . .)) to super-brains." :) :) Well, that's my "claim to fame," 'n stuff.  :) :P (. . .)