On 28 August 2012 Tuesday, I won zangband 2.7.5pre ("pre" for "preview").  

      The journey . . . wasn't all that exciting. . . .  I moved forward, slowly steadily—I don't even remember any moments being all that "hairy."  Oh. (!) I did get a "power dragon scale mail" (a very rare, and most fortuitous, event :) ;) ), relatively early on.

      The final black book (I hesitate to even mention it's name.  (. . . .)) was a LONG time in comin'.  Eventually, I just ended up "power diving" (ignoring everything—just poundin' the levels, deeper and deeper and deeper. . . .) in a "horror dungeon."

      Once I got that, things were . . . pretty much anti-climactic.  (Once a character gets "wraithform," "hellfire," and "dimension door"–and a way to recharge one's mana–it's all over save for the singin'.  :) ;) ) I took out "Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods" and "Tsathoggua, the Sleeper of N'kai" in ONE casting of wraithform (my first—for this game, anyway :) ;) ).  A cyberdemon (*SURREALISTICALLY* dangerous (!!!!)) soon followed. . . .  Oberon and the Serpent of Chaos (now a fine, green paste) soon followed.

      Well, there you have it.  Here is a "character dump":

Leggy Guano

      Oh. I guess I forgot to mention . . . after leaving the dungeon, my character suddenly developed an aversion to killing.  I find this reasonably extraordinary—as she was a being that positively THRIVED on perpetual murder.  At the very last, I took a magical figurine of a seahorse that I had been saving for just such an occasion from my "hometown," traveled to the nearest body of water, and threw it in.  On the banks of the river, frollicking with my pet seahorse, on a bright sunny day (as a VAMPIRE (She had light resistance.  (!)), no less :) ;)), it was the perfect scene to retire.  –So tell me—how does a VAMPIRE, die of ripe old age?!

:) ;)