On 4/17/07 Tuesday, I won zangband for the second time---with a SPECTRE!!  (!!) Spectres are *TITANICALLY* cool---but almost impossible to keep alive.  :P :( (I had a twelfth level one--die because it stepped in a puddle.  (I'm serious.)) This makes playing as much as anything a tedious play-by-play chess match---with NO allowable mistakes.  -The only time I slipped up was with a breath offscreen from Lungorthin, the Balrog of White Fire. . . .  He got in a breath (from off screen)--without any sort of "invulnerability" spells up.  FORTUNATELY, she was at a life level rating of 107/100---with a constitution of 40+.  -The attack did something like 500 (!!) points of damage (with fire resist (!!))---but luckily she had over 700.  :) :) Still to be so careless. . . .

      AGAIN, Oberon, King of Amber, and The Serpent of Chaos, were . . . pretty much anticlimactic.  (The only tense moment was a necessary cast of the sorcery "invulnerablity spell"---at 3% spell failure. . . . .  -Wouldn't want to count on that, but. . . .  :) ;) ) The REAL . . . BEGGAR was "Nodens, Lord of the Great Abyss." (!!) He was guarding level 80 (quest level)--and, were it not for the fact that I could get around him by choosing ANOTHER DUNGEON (wink wink)--I don't know if I EVER could've won.

      Then, after besting "The Serpent of Chaos" (who I had "hellfire"'d into a pile of gelatinous goo before I even got the "level feeling" (something like "This level looks pretty dangerous." :P :P )), I decided I was going to go back and take this . . . beggar.  The trouble was, I couldn't take him!!  -He wouldn't DIE!!  Part of this was the fact that "hellfire"--at 14% spell failure--kept failing something like 6 times out of 8!!  One time, it failed 8 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!  (I counted.)

This was . . . beyond infuriating.

      I persevered.  I kicked its *ss!!  :) :) (I had to take off a ring of constitution +6 to put on a (second) ring of speed (+11)--and lost a staff of the magi to a (summoned) "plasma hound"--(both not-so-good things for a spectre-dude(tte :) ) but I KICKED IT'S A**!!  :) :) ) Oh! -If you're wondering why I chose my character to be female, well . . . I've found out by experience that--although the programmers "swear up and down" that "gender" has "no significant effect on gameplay"--if one had a female character, the game is easier---sort of like a "virtual 'affirmative action'". . . .  :P :P

      Here are two "character dumps." One was just before retirement--the second was just after.  They are surprisingly different.  (. . .)

Doom Monger--**WINNER**!!

Doom Monger--retired :)