Here you will find links to various obscure–and perhaps arcane–accomplishments.  Well, I'm proud of them.  :)


Alia—winning Zangband 2.7.3. . . .

Winning with a SPECTRE (!!)

Winning Zangband 2.7.5pre—Snow. . . .

28 August 2012 Winning Zangband 2.7.5pre (again)—Leggy Guano

Breaching the "Programmer's Room" on Atari's "Adventure II" :) :)

Beating Atari/Activision's Pitfall! (!!)

What I consider to be, a remarkable achievement.

Winning NetHack 3.4.3:




      And on 8/9/12 Thursday, my HIGHEST SCORING CHARACTER OF ALL TIME: priestess II

      9/17/12 Monday—my very first knight ascension

      My very first cave(wo)man ascension

      And here is some *HYSTERICAL* "nethack humor."  :) :) (WARNING: Mild Language.)

      And here is some more nethack humor.  (There are even some (potentially) useful/interesting links at the end. . . .)

      My first Archonstorm

      An homage to some noteworthy pets.

More nethack stuffs—various versions:

      nethack PJ

Dungeon Crawl

      For some time (I believe it was 2 & 1/2 years)—I had this love/hate relationship with "Crawl."

      Here is a 15 rune octopode win—Direrage.  For some reason, I don't understand, I sent this to myself with the email subject "This is the end."

      I honestly don't remember why. . . .

      "Crawl home, thou yeasty rump-fed tinkerer!"

      I'll give Crawl this—it KNOWS how to insult one.  (. . .)