6/18/11 Saturday

      Finally, it was the day of Wolf's book signing.  (I had been waiting for some time.  :) )

      I don't really (no pun intended ( ;) )) read much into such things—but the raven perched atop the local Barnes n Noble's, she was having her book release at—seemed like a good omen, or something:

      When I showed up and started taking pictures, they joked that usually somebody had to be more famous—before the paparazzi (spelling? –who cares.  :p ;) ) show up.

      I responded that–if I were paparazzi–I'd have a camera that functioned properly.  My autofocus was actin' up.  (?)

      I quipped that–at 216 pounds–I was her biggest fan.  :) I also asked her if one had sex with a woman with a 150 Stanford-Binet IQ or higher, were they being "in-genius?"

      :) ;)

      She was talking about how she now lived out on (I kid you not) Yellowsnow Road.  I told her that if I lived out there, I might become anorexic.  (Do not go where the huskies go, do not eat. . . .)  :) ;) She promptly repied, "No—you'd become 'John-diced.'"

      She gives as good as she gets.

      :) ;)

      Later in the day, she gave her reading.  I thought it was incredibly brave.  Wolf just bared her soul—for ALL to see.  –Even if I hadn't've known her, it would've made a big impression on me.

      And Wolf's soul is such an incredible thing—battered, yet resilient—not calloused, like so many who've had a rough time (like . . . ahem, me. . . .).  –Still so incredibly alive.  Perhaps that is what I admire about Wolf the most.  –Well, that—and the fact that she's just about one of the hottest chicks that has ever existed:

      And here is a video she is in.  (!!) (She wrote the following text.)

Don't know if you'll enjoy the music, but a friend of mine had a song written about her so she did a music video and I am one of the dancers. If nothing else its a good laugh: