A little background, here:

      When I was a wee one (single digits), I saw something on tv—and didn't know what it was.  (Was it a movie?  A tv show? What was it called?) To say that it "stuck in my mind" was . . . a job for "Captain Understatement." :P ;)

      An email exchange, between my (next) younger brother and I, I think, sets this up pretty well. . . .

Wed, May 28, 2014 at 2:02 PM
     Okay. Here is the bit, that I have been looking for, for . . .
AGES.  OH!! Do you remember the Japanese movie---where the kid (in his
imagination), fights off a giant wasp, with his book bag?  (That, he
is, in reality, frying with a magnifying glass?  ;) :P ) Well, just
yesterday, I *FOUND* it.  It is called "Godzilla's Revenge" (and has
been, pretty much universally, panned :p ;) ).

      (This turned out NOT to be true, 'n stuff.  –I remain looking—for an obscure Japanese movie, which showed when we were kids. . . .)

     Okay. It is in black and white (Did you know that Japanese peeps
say "white and black."  (?)).  A Dude either breaks down, or has
something happen to his car (possibly suspicious).  He walks to this
house, 'n stuff.  There he meets this Dude---kinda' rough around the
edges.  He [the original Dude, 'n stuff] finds that a piece of glass,
with a bit of painting behind it, that fits perfectly into a picture
on the wall.  "Now you know who's been sendin' you the letters." the
other Dude says.

     Then the first Dude ends up below the floor, or something.  He
notices a bunch of plaques/"trap doors" (graves?) on the floor.  Last,
he finds an open one with HIS name on it.  He is then pushed, from
behind, into the hole.  (Huh-huh. Huh. Huh. ( :) ;) )) Then, the
second Dude throws down a gun, and ONE bullet.  It took me over ten
years, to realize that he was offering the first Dude, a "way out."
In the closing scene, the first Dude loads up, spins the chamber, and
shoots as the second Dude.  I think he kills him, sealing himself in
in the process, for eternity.

     A buddy of mine, says he saw this (, too)---on some "Theatre"
(like "Suspense Theatre"---NOT a cinema (. . . .)), or something.
Party down, Dude.

      To which he gave a response, I shall never forget:

July 17, 2014
Um . . . Yeah, I'm not really all that motivated to try to track this 
down. Life IS finite, you know.  I hope you're cool with that.

However, I will stick this email in my archive in case, someday, I'm 
really bored or whatever.

      (Note: I had to adjust the length of the two bits of text, above.)

      Now. I had been searching for this show, for years—nay, decades.  Prior to the advent of the InterWebs (sic), this entailed, watching a LOT of late night tv. . . .

      Later, this involved watching a LOT of box sets, of DVD's. . . .

      Then, I realized, I could search things a LOT faster, on the Internet. . . .

      As mentioned above, a buddy of mine said, he saw this, in some serialized show, so. . . .

Kraft Television Theatre

Kraft Suspense Theatre

The Boris Karloff Mystery Playhouse


(Had to be careful—how one searched for that at work. . . .)

Fireside Theater

      And of course:


(Be sure and check out "Pigeons from Hell."  Seriously.)

(And "The Incredible Doktor Markesan". . . .)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Dark Shadows

(The above one was interesting.  I was able to text search, the entire list of episodes—until I was satisfied: What I was looking for, wasn't there. . . .)

( . . . And, to a lesser extent. . . .) The United States Steel Hour

      Then, at a local wal-fart, I was toying with the idea of buying the first series of "Night Gallery"

      However first, I took a look online at. . . .

List of Night Gallery Episodes

       . . . Where I found. . . .

34	6	"The Other Way Out"	Gene Kearney	
Teleplay by: Gene R. Kearney; Story by: Kurt van Elting	November 19, 1972
A murderer (Ross Martin) is lured to an isolated house 
where a cold, calculating avenger (Burl Ives) makes him pay for his crime.

      (Note: Edited line length; data from table.)

      Hmm. . . .

      And a quick 'Web search readily revealed. . . .


      Oh. . .       My. . .       God. . .

      In the AMAZING world we now live in, I just had to look this up, to watch it online. . . .  (I find this *EXTRAORDINARY*.  (!! (!!)))


      This is –without question the story.  STUNNED. –However . . . this is not quite how I remember things.  (For one, the gun was a revolver; in this one, it had a clip.)  Some possibilities are. . . .

            a) I remember things incorrectly (This is the most likely possibility.).

            b) My younger brother pointed out, that these episodes have been edited down from an hour—thus, things are different.  This also a possibility.

            c) Another possiblity, however, is that what I saw was a "clone"—like Yojimbo/A Fistful of Dollars.

      For decades, I had imagined, how I would react, IF I ever found it (I had even imagined–in the future–paying peeps to watch all this stuff, just hoping to catch it (by brute force).)  I imagined myself, actually breaking down and crying, when/if I ever found it, 'n stuff.  What I did not imagine, however, was . . . questioning if I had–indeed–actually found it, 'n stuff.  (However, on a subsequent trip down the road, I felt "cords" in my shoulders (that I didn't even know were there) letting go; so. . . .)

      So . . . where are we?  The answer is I honestly don't know.  We HAVE without question found the STORY (This is, the most progress made—in over 4 decades.); however . . . I don't know, if we have found IT.  So . . . I am still looking.

List of Twilight Zone Episodes

      And I plan on returning to. . . .

The United States Steel Hour

      Both writers have passed on (I checked.).  (I had planned on contacting them.  It took me too long, to get this far. . . .)

      Some Final Things:

      I also realize—I owe an apology to the friend (mentioned above).  I allowed for the possibility, that I "projected," that this was SO important to me (Which, it is.  :p ;) )—that he sort of "imagined" this, in an attempt to help me.  I was TOTALLY WRONG—and owe him an apology for that, [it is] freely offered.

      (And, I can't BELIEVE, that's the snowman, from "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" ( :) ) (!))

June 14th, 2016 was a REMARKABLE DAY.