As I was coming into work, I heard a piece, by Mozart—that I just couldn't get out of my head.  (!)

      I thought it was one of his sonatas (and I knew it was in C)—so, I pulled all of them–readily available, in our magical modern world–and listened to them.

      Mozart did 5 sonatas in C —NOT a morning, misspent.  (I think this actually improved my work performance for the day.  :) )

      When I was done, I realized that I hadn't heard the one I was looking for.  So, I pulled up, from Classical New England's 'Web site:

      (I have no idea—how long the above link will last.  (. . . .) –So, I have included the info below.)

      Now, I knew the piece was playing at 8:23 (I looked at the clock in the dash)—and from the above 'Web site I was able to pull:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Serenade in C minor, K. 388: I. Allegro
Ensemble Zefiro

      And a quick search after that—revealed to me that it was readily commerically available, as a digital download.

      Having had about the most negative experiences with iTunes, short of an actual exchange of gunfire—I searched for other options.

      There she was (!!)—on YouTube!!

Serenade in C minor, K. 388: I. Allegro (Mozart, Serenade No. 12 for Winds in C minor, K. 388, I. Allegro -- YouTube)

Serenade in C minor, K. 388


      Now—just for a moment: Stop and considerjust HOW difficult that search would've been . . . without the Internet.

There are 626 K numbers.

      I am blown away—by the world we live in.

      –Trying to make everyone's day, just a little more surreal. . .

–John - Dude              

      (One last note: This is one of the very few (the only?) pieces by Mozart—where I can actually see some of the mental processes that went into composing it.  –Mostly he just goes off to some magical place—and comes back with something wonderful.)

      :) :)