The next three mine fires considered are the Tepe Pump Station Fire, the Renton Fire, and the mine fire in Boyce Park in Plum.

Tepe Pump Station Fire:

   The Tepe Pump Station Mine fire is located in West Elizabeth.  There are no visible effects on the surface; however, it is believed that the burn area is as large as 100 acres.  It is a particularly "deep fire"--being several hundred feet underground.  This provides a great deal of protection, but there are still concerns that a subsidence event could damage gas lines in the area, causing an explosion.

Renton Mine Fire:

   The Renton Mine Fire, located in Plum Boro, is quite large.  It has been burning for more than 15 years.  Apparently, there are hundreds of subsidence-caused depressions, which have probably been backfilled by now.  The region is considered an "unstable area," but there are no homes located above the blaze.

Mine fire in Boyce Park:

   Also in Plum, there is a fire in Allegheny County's Boyce Park. It is smallish, slow-moving, and located in a wooded area not used for recreation.  There is, apparently, only one vent on the 1.5 acre site.

   An update on this! -The following was sent to me by Bob Williams of Plum Boro, Pennsylvania:

>I am writing in response to


>Mine fire in Boyce Park

>I live about 2 miles from there and recently workers moved in and

>escavated several acres and have been extinguishing it. The park is all

>torn up on that side, but interestingly, I noticed a stranded pavillion

>in the middle of a vast area of dirt.

    . . . So, I guess one can now ignore the following:

   I don't know where this vent is.  If anyone could give me information on its whereabouts, I would certainly appreciate it.  You can email me at "".

   -Thanks, Bob! :)

    On to my final bit on western PA fires.