I have grouped these ones together--one, because there wasn't all that much to show/say, and two, because western Pennsylvania has geologically younger, inferior, and closer to the surface, bituminous coal.  It's not "deep coal." They do mostly surface (or strip) mining, so I don't consider them true miners--nor do I consider their communities to be located in a true mining region.

Clinton Township:

There is at least one fire on the property of the Pittsburgh International Airport.  It is located on a hilltop off of route 60--just several thousand feet south of the runway(s).  There is also a fire burning in near Clinton in Findlay Township.

We weren't able to find any sign of the fire on the land of the Pittsburgh International Airport.  I don't think that there is any indication of the fire(s) on the surface.

We were, after a few hours of searching, able to find the one near Clinton.  To get to this fire, go to the "main drag" through Clinton, then take a right onto Machette Road (just past the municipal building on the left.) You will see a trucking depot on the left, and a turnoff shortly after this to the right.  Turn here and park.  The fire area is off to your right.

I could smell the fire, but could find no visual evidence of it.  A woman we talked to in a nearby bar told us that the area had been "worked" a few years ago.  I don't believe there is any significant evidence of the fire on the surface.

Note: This picture has been alterred; it has been "cleaned up" with an image processing program.  (You should seen the original!! :) ) Something is wrong with the camera we took this picture with.

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