One day in the summer of 2003, I was walking along with RO-SIE, when suddenly she starts a quite ferocious spate of a mixture of snarling, barking, and howling---all 65 lbs. of her.  (It was really something.  -If I hadn't've known her, it may well have caused no small amount of unease.)

   I have really learned to trust these types of reactions of hers.  In fact, they may well have saved my life.  -But for the life of me, I coudn't see what was causing it.  Then, as I looked more and more closely. . . .

   We have a missing picture, here---or, it might be more correct to state, we don't have a missing picture, here.  :( Unfortunately, I do not have control over the download(s) of my digital pictures (someone else has to do that part)---and so sometimes they get well, "lost." -And I think that this one well may have gone to "cyber heaven." :( ("Red Dwarf fans, take note. . . .  :) ) I will look some more for it in the future, on the off chance. . . .  

   But then I saw it---can you?

   -How about now?

   Okay, how about now?

   Moose in the parking lot! Moose in the parking lot! :)

   This is a *LOT* closer than I like to get to these beasties (They're DANGEROUS---one is over 9 & 1/2 times more likely to be killed by a MOOSE in Alaska--than by a bear.  (!) )---so I hope all of you really enjoy(ed) the picture! :)