OK, John, for a year, now, you've been talking about the wonderful view out of the Natural Sciences Facilty, in autumn.  So--when do we get to see it?

   The answer is, right now.  But first, a little on why this view is so cool.  The arctic sky is a deep, deep blue--a blue that makes "your sky" look like it has been washed about fifty times--and without color fastener.  :) When the leaves turn color up here--there is really one one color: The orange of cottonwood and aspen.  (I think those are aspen, anyway.  :) ) -And when one comes out of the eastern exit of the Natural Sciences Facilty--the contrast of the two [colors] is all you can see.

   You have to be quick, though.  A common saying in Fairbanks is, "If you like autumn, you'd better not blink." No joke--I took these pictures on Friday (the 21st of September, '01), and by Sunday--about half the leaves were off the trees.  The next four pictures don't do this scene credit--when do they ever? (Next year, I'll try to have a better camera! ;)