I don't take this link very seriously--so I suggest that you don't, either.  :) These are just some examples of pictures I've taken for which I don't have an explanation.

   Have you any idea what the following is? -Well, neither do I! It is a totally unmodified photograph, that came back in a roll [of film] with no real explanation for its existence.  I think it might be what it looks like if one take a picture of the inside of one's pocket, while moving the camera--with "flash." :)

   -Pretty cool, isn't it? :)

   One day, there was a very bad storm in the Interior [Alaska].  So, I went out to take some pictures.  They didn't come out very well--or at least didn't do credit to what things actually looked like--but I did notice something more than a little bit odd about the following pic:

   I've had someone suggest--not very seriously I'll admit--that this might be a "rod." -It's pretty weird, regardless.  :)

   The following picture was taken during a very early (in fact, the earliest of my entire experience) season auroral display in Interior Alaska.  It was taken early on the morning of August 7, 2006---a Monday:

   What I can't seem to understand is the faint streak in the upper right-hand corner.  The best guess is that I just managed to catch a passing satellite in a time exposure; however, it seems just a little too straight---a little to "up and down" for that. . . .  -Cosmic ray? -Would've curved---if only to leave the picture. . . .