For an incredibly long time, now (over 15 years (!!) ), I have wanted to travel to the shore(s) of the Arctic Ocean.  I have also (for a similar length of time) dreamed of seeing arctic tundra.  The only real way to accomplish things in life, is to just do them.  So, we rented a brandy-spankin' new 2002 Ford Exploder--and away we went.

   Lots of things to see along the way--here is the Yukon River, facing east.

   . . . And facing west.

   Of note, the Yukon was the longest unspanned river in the world.  And it is only spanned by the bridge you see.  Security for it is "tighter'n' nun's buns." They have no less than four security monitors--and they yell at you through the speakers in you stop on it (in your car) or walk too closely.

   And here a picture of me, crossing the Arctic Circle.  I put this one on mostly because I am noticably thinner than in the picture of my first crossing.  :) (c.f. Circle)

   A classic Alaskan view:

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