Japan II



Quebec II

And here is a one time trip from Duncannon, PA to Fairbanks, AK--via Yellowknife, NWT. :)

And here is the second time I had to take said trip.  :P

And here is the trip is where I had to take it back again.

But what is the only real way to make said trip: Fly.  Note: This link has pictures of Denali, Centralia, and many other goodies.

MADNESS!—driving the Alaska Highway in Winter

"Men Who Stare at Brats"

Go West, Young Man!


Alaska II

Not at the moment all that one for originality, Alaska III.

Purely by accident (or at least in the absence of any conscious design), I seem to have posted roughly one of these a year, since I have come "up here." :P :) So, if I'm going to be stuck up here--perpetually pursuing a PhD (Alliteration rules! :) )--I might as well take some cool pics to share with the world.  So, check out Alaska IV.  :)

The longest, most extensive link I have ever made: Alaska V.

      And now for something completely different.  Here is a link to some very humorous pictures that a friend of mine in Upstate New York sent me.  WARNING! -STRONG language and thematic elements.  (I'm serious.)


      And here is a link from when my Dad came to visit.  It contains pictures of Healy, the mine fire, arctic tundra, Deadhorse--and of course lots of wildlife.  Muskox-dudes Rule!

      A link nowhere near complete--check out a stange arctic light phenomena.

      If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.  (A second attempt at capturing the effect of mid-to-late December's strange red and blue light. . . .)

      "Forest fire season"

      "Forest fire season"--2003

      And nothing could've prepared us for the Forest Fire Season of 2004.

      These aren't my shots, but check out some pictures of arctic mirages sent to me by Dennis Henize.

      Chena Hot Springs---a pretty cool place.  :)

      And here, finally, it is!! -Chicken, Alaska!! :)

      So, John--just what is this bit about "arctic clouds?"

      And here, *FINALLY* is my link on "Dirt Biking on Murphy Dome." I believe that this site is a humdinger---and I've made few.  :) ;)

      The land of the midnight sun.

      Some awesome photography I can't take any credit for whatsoever: Two Tigers in Snow. . . .

      -No real word for it in English---check out rime.

      After a snow.

      A really cool View.

      Too weird to explain--really weird light.

      A WHAT in the parking lot??!!.


Kentucky--yes, Kentucky.

Iowa—Riverside: The Future Birthplace of Captain Kirk! :) :)

Massachusetts—Cheers Bar :) :)

Massachusetts—The Chicken

Massachusetts—"Red, White, and Blue Sunday 2018"

Massachusetts—"Red, White, and Blue Sunday 2019" (This is a surprisingly touching link.)

Minnesota—Minnesota Coincidences

Minnesota—7/10/2021 New Richland Car Show

Minnesota—Princess Owatonna's Spring

New York

New Hampshire–Second Story Balcony

New Hampster 2017 (under construction)



     Poorman's Spring

     And if you think that this is a weird link for my 'Web site, you're probably right: Pro Bass Shops


Wyoming -Sheep have MA-NY uses.  :)

And here is a place that I would like to go.