On January 19, 2019, I attended the Memorial Service, for Carl Potter.  Part of me, had an incredible amount of difficulty, fully internalizing—that he was gone.

      What to say about Carl?  There is an American predilection, of overly-venerating the dead.  That said, I am going to state–without fear of any sort of contradiction (internal or external)–that Carl, was the sweetest, most good-natured old man, you could even imagine.  And who also had a real sense of humor.  :) I remember, him telling me–cheerfully–that he was no relation to Harry Potter.  ;) (Even now, I can't look at these pictures of him, without smiling.)  And I'll NEVER forget, his bone-crushing handshake.

       :) ;)

      The Congregational Church of North Chelmsford put on an absolutely wonderful service for him, followed by a really nice nosh in the gym.

      There I beheld this amazing diorama.  I had only known Carl as an old man—it had never consciously occurred to me, that he had once been young:

      Of all the pictures (many!), I like this one the best.

      And–purely by accident–I managed to capture the words/sentiment I am going to close this one on: "Cherish each moment."

      Because hey, ya' never know. . . .

      ADDENDUM: After I had posted the first version of this page, I realized I had forgotten to mention something—that has really been on my mind. . . .

      There have been two people, who have really made a mark on me, with the last things they have done in/with their lives.  (Okay—an honorable mention, goes to some apocryphal, final words of Oscar Wilde, but. . . .)  One is Richard Feynman—Nobel-winning physicist: "This dying, is boring."  Wow. The other is Carl Potter, whose last action on this Earth, was winking, at his wife and daughter.