Here are some pictures of the second time I had to drive between Interior Alaska and Central Pennsylvania.  My hope is that you can enjoy the trip more than I did.  :P

   Knowing that we wouldn't see Alaska again, for a while (and positively dreading the pointless abuse we might well receive from Canadian customs), we stopped and took this picture of a sign welcoming one to Alaska, 'n stuff.

   And here is a picture of (part of--it's HUGE) "The Signpost Forest," in Watson Lake, Yukon.

    . . . You'll never know what town's sign you'll find there. . . .  :)

   And here is a picture of Muncho Lake, in British Columbia.  It is famous for its deep, green color--caused by suspended particles of "rock flour," from glaciers, 'n stuff.  It was really cool.

   And here are some pictures from the most bodacious, world-famous Liard Hot Springs.  Beta Pool:

   While we were soaking our buns, something cool happened.  A tree fell--slowly, creakily, and very loudly.  It was cool--if a little scary.  :O

   And some "flats"--flowing with hot water.  There was a species of fish swimming around in these--which is found _no_ _where_ else in the world, 'n stuff.

On to pictures of the most bodacious Columbia Ice Field.