I don't have any pictures of the most-bodacious, *ENORMOUS* rat-dude known as "Scotrun." -To the best of my knowledge, none exist.  (Isn't it just "wonderful" how the universe just _loves_ to swallow information? -I think that this is, in general, macroscopic entropy @ work. . . .)

   Anyway, Scotrun was a very friendly, and LARGE rat-dude.  While not being in the least bit portly, he still managed to weigh in at 8 & 1/2 pounds.  (!!) You couldn't keep him in an eight gallon aquarium, as he would (more than) completely fill it.  End-to-end, his nose would be butt-up against the glass on one side, and his tail, while touching the other side of the cage--length-wise, would loop halfway back across the cage.   (!!) (Like I said, he was a BIG BOY.  :) We had to keep him in a three-tiered ferret cage.

   It was discovered that we were keeping animuls (sic) in the apartment, and we had to let Scotrun go.  :( :( He was a most-bodacious rat-dude.  Incidentally, he was named after a town in north-eastern Pennsylvania--because he had a really big "Scotrun." :)