Rules of Homerology

In order to follow Homerology there are certain rules that must not be broken such as

1: No unnecessary walking.

2: Conserve energy when and wherever possible at maximum efficiency if possible.

3: You must have a conservation costume which allows for maximum efficiency such as lounge pants and a comfortable shirt. Your costume is put on when you feel that you will be able to be in your most efficient energy conservation state. When wearing your costume your brethren shall be respectful of your efficient state and try to keep you in conservation.

4: When in conservation state certain kinds of music help conservation, some hinder conservation, and some have no affect--the majority of music falls into the last category, but here is a list of the twelve bands which are known to affect conservation.

Help Conservation/Hinder Conservation


3EB/Spice Girls

Offspring/Britney Spears

R.E.M./BackStreet Boys


Green Day/Rap (Amen!)

5: On HENRY'S world, sports are a religion, so sports must always take priority. Henry does have some enemies from other worlds; these worlds have sent spies to this world and are currenttly playing on these teams:







You must hate those teams because encoded in their jersey is a subliminal message which will begin to control you if you root for them. One thing you must know is that the leader of the spies is the most dispicable being to ever exist on Earth. His name is Dan Reeves; you must hate Reeves most of all or your very existince will be in jeopardy.

To be a cult leader you must:

1: Watch only six animated shows--all others have subliminal messsages that are even stronger then jerseys:

The Simpsons

King Of the Hill

Family Guy

Speed Racer

The Tick

The Critic

2: You must like the Giants. -Henry's very own team was designed to combat the evils of other spy teams (the Giants hired Reeves to show his incompetance and evil powers, but everyone was blinded by his evil eye)

3: You must have a favorite video game & be prepared to answer questions about said video game. You must be intellegent and lazy to be a leader--and this is the only requirement that allows you to demonstrate both qualities.

However you do not need to follow all the rules because sometimes it takes too much energy.