This link isn't really complete, as I don't have all the pictures I want of this phenomena.  In December, here, the sun barely comes above the horizon at all.  One only gets about 2 & 1/2 hours of "twilight." It is a very odd situation--one gets as much blue light from the sky, as red light from the feeble arctic sun.  The contrast can be _VERY_ striking.

   Here is picture of some trees--at noon (!):

   And here is a one o'clock sun:

   And here is a patch of "afternoon snow." I really like how the color came out in this one:

   As I've said--this link is nowhere near complete.  We had a lot of cloudy days at this time in the winter of 2001-2002--and I didn't take advantage of the few clear ones---until it was too late.  A lesson to be learned: _Anything_ that depends on _any_ type of weather--do as soon as possible, or you may well miss it!

   I will try to get more shots of this this coming December.  There is particular spot, where deep red snow is "run through" with deep blue shadows.  I really want others to be able to see that.