I added this link, because I wanted to show some pictures of my most bodacious rat-dudes and -dudettes, and to dispel some of the myths about rat-dudes and -dudettes, in general.

   It is generally believed that rats are ravenous, dirty, mindless, creatures--who's only purpose on this planet in cavort like ravenous worthogs in their PAHNTS, thus filling the world with more rat-dudes and -dudettes to destroy, plunder, and ravage.

   I guess I'll deal with these points (or at least some of them) one-by-one:

   Rats are dirty: Bull-puckie.  Rats are some of the cleanest animuls (sic) around.  -It is only their environment they are forced to live in that makes them all icky.

   Rats are mindless: -Forget that noise; rats are INCREDIBLY intelligent--more so, I think, than cats and dogs.  I sometimes think that that might be one of the reasons that peeps don't like them so much, 'n stuff. . . .

   Rat's only purpose in life is to cavort like ravenous worthogs in their PAHNTS: Rats don't wear PAHNTS--I thought people would know that one.  ;)

Here are some links to my various rat dudes and dudettes--past and present:



    NAV Archimedes


   The Puffster

   An incredibly sad Puffy link.  :( :( :( :(