I suppose I'm going to start this page, during the "children's message" section, of our Church service.  Pastor Steve, was showing the linoleum lizards, all the uniforms he wore—as part of being the fire brigade's chaplain, etc.  At one point he held up a fireman's jacket, and said, "You'll notice—my coat is a little cleaner, than the other firefighters."

      It was very cute.  :) :)

      Then, later, a firefighter snuck up, and presented him with an award.  Pastor Steve, then got a standing ovation.

       :) :) :) :)

      Then, a police chief got up, and (amoung other things) said, "Even though you were never really our chaplain, you WERE our chaplain.  At this point, Pastor Steve, got another standing ovation.

      Pastor Steve, took this all, with his usual–totally unfeigned–genuine humility: "If I had known you guys were going to do something like that, I'd've kept you both away from pulpit!"

       :) :) :) :)

      Ladies and germs, various transgendered beings, it was beautiful—BEAUTIFUL, like the culmination of a life well-lived, and a life well-lived, in the Lord.

      I had never seen a pastor get a standing ovation before—and Pastor Steve, received two.

       :) :) :) :)

      This setup, gets me every year. . . .

      And here are some police officers.

      Notice the 9 mm's.

      More police officers.

      More 9 mm's.

      And here are like, a lot of people, 'n stuff.

      I don't know what was happening up near the stage—but it seemed important.

      (I had a feeling, when I took this one, that it might come out blurry. . . .)

      I thought this was really cute—in fact, it may be my favourite picture of the day

      ( :) ;) )

      A child's perception.

      Somehow, I don't think it reflects, the reality, of what these dudes and dudettes go through now.

      –I guess I missed getting a picture, of the guy with three guns—one on the hip, and two across the chest.  Sounds like something out of a movie.

      When informed of this coming event, some firemen lamented, that we work on Sunday; however, they did not want miss [it]—so, we had a fire truck, parked around corner.  (!!)

      That was the funny—this is the not: They are burying one of their own tomorrow—this can't help but bring home, the (very real) risk(s), that first responders face. . . .

      And here are some amazing quotes, by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.:

      "Every so often, in the midst of chaos, you come across an amazing, inexplicable instance of civic responsibility. Maybe the last shred of faith people have is in their firemen."

      "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers—joined in the serious business of keeping our food, shelter, clothing and loved ones from combining with oxygen."

      "Eliot Rosewater" to a group of volunteer firemen.

      "I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine."

      Chapter 10 "An Age of Miracles" (p. 242)