Every year, Fairbanks has a "Red Green Regatta." This is where a bunch of rag-tag boats float down the Chena, and compete to see which has "best followed the principles of Red Green" (use of one roll of duct tape required during the construction :) ).  It's quite an event.

      This year, a dream of mine came true, it that we (the space physics group at UAF) got to compete---and we made the front page!

Photo credited to John Hagen.

Picture taken from the Daily News-Miner.

      We're the boat in the middle---the only one in the whole regatta flying the Union Jack.  -Hey, I can fantasize about health care, police under control, and not being horrifically discriminated against because I'm a white male professional, can't I? ;) (That, and steak and kidney pie RULES!! :) )

            The Construction

            Some amusing Quotes

            Some interesting Pics about Alaska, taken during the construction

            And given the momentous nature of the event, I have included all the pictures taken in the 2004 Red Green Regatta Picture Archive.

And Finally, the "Race!!"

      Final Assembly

      After all that work, we had to disassemble the craft, transport it, and reassemble it on location (~obviously).  I had this irrational fear that we weren't going to be able to get it all back together in time.

      John, me, and Vic---assembled craft

      In the water

      Locked boats---Union Jack and Old Glory

      The above isn't the picture of when it actually happened (it happened shortly before launch--when the entire beach was positively crammed with craft), but it is very similar.  Our boats locked together, his bow under my port side, and he (presumably the captain of the other craft) asked permission to board my boat.  I told him sure, no problem---there isn't even any passport control.  (I don't think he saw the humor of it.)

      On to more pics of the 2004 Red Green Regatta.