Quebec II

I am calling this my second trip to Quebec, even though it was really an attempt to get to Labrador.

Here is a picture of "The Aurora Borealis Vinyard." It is just a little off of the Jean-Lassage Autoroute. Unfortunately, it was closed when I went through, so I didn't get to sample any of their vintages. :(

And here is the national headquarters of CCM. -You know, I never did find out what "CCM" stood for--we always said "cock crunching maniac." :)

Here is a picture of the GM POS parked at a rest area on the Jean-Lassage Autoroute. It was soo cold, that exhaust was freezing on the backs of cars as it exited their tailpipes. On some vehicles, this was REALLY BAD. It was about 31 below (Farenheit) when I took this picture. By the black smudge, I was able to tell, for sure, for the first time, that the GM POS was starting to burn oil.