These are some pictures from my travels in Quebec Province, Canada.

Except for the fact that they don't speak english there, it is a pretty cool place.

I've tried to put the pictures in an order that you would see them, if you were actually taking a trip to northern Quebec.

This a picture of Temiscaming. If you take route 63 out of North Bay, this is where you end up. The weather of the valley is dominated by a hydroelectric plant continually belching steam. -It stinks to high heaven.

Notre-Dame du Nord.

This picture just doesn't do this scene credit. In fact, I'm not sure that _any_ picture could do this scene credit. I mean, the spaceship is just SO magestic This is Halte Cartwright, south of Matagami, and the mountains you see in the distance are about 13 miles away--stretching over successively rising foothils. -It is probably the second most beautiful scene I have ever beheld. (Heh-heh. Heh. Heh. -I said "held."

This is a big pile of (Heh-heh. Heh. Heh.) "wood" south of Matagami. The pile is a _lot_ larger than this picture shows. -To get it all in one picture, one might have to take one from orbit--it is that large. (You can smell it for about a mile.)

This is just a cool signpost. It says Radisson to the north, and Amos to the south.

Here are two cool mountains sticking up out of the taiga.

On the tundra, you can see forever. -Here are two power lines stretching off into infinity.

The following two pictures are of Poste de Radisson. It was soo big that I had to take two pictures.

This is a cool rock-dued in Radisson.

This is the spillway of the world's largest hydroelectric plant (Robert-Bourassa) at sunset.

And the view of the same spillway--from on top of the dam.

Radisson rules.

Sorry no pics of the "northern lights," but ya' need a special camera for that, and I didn't have one.