Hello.  My name is Quanta, and I'm a portly rat.

   I live at Clintwood Apartments, with "Giant Hands That Bring Me Cheeseburgers."

   Here's a picture of me in my cage.

   And here's me looking like a portly rat.  :)

   And here is a picture of me off to the side a bit.

   Here is a picture of me eating something.  :) -Unfortunately, one can see the LARGE tumor over my rear left leg.  :( :( :( :(

Here is a picture of me looking bashful.

And here is a picture of me looking bashful "from a distance."

Worth noting, is the fact that these pictures of me are somewhat misleading--as I am in a cage meant for rabbits.  -I don't think they truly reflect my 5 & 1/2 pound size.  (!!)

A sad message: On October 12, 2000--after a long battle with cancer--"Quanters" (as she was affectionately called :) ) passed away.  She is sorely missed.  :( :( :( :(